Ospa-Filter 24 EcoClean

Производительность - 24 м3/час

  • Maximum filtration capacity: 24 m³/h
  • Especially powerful for large outdoor pools
  • High quality filter vessels and materials for long service life
  • Especially efficient thanks to speed-controlled pump and Ospa hydro-changeover valve
  • Speed-controlled Ospa red brass pump (2.2 – 3.0 kW) with stainless steel pump strainer pot (also available as a whisper pump)
  • Suitable for salt water pools

Ospa filter quartz sand

With its especially round grain, the Ospa filter quartz sand in the Ospa filter can bind significantly more suspended particles than artificial filter material. In interaction with Ospa fine water distribution and optimized back-flushing technology, it provides for exceptional and consistently high filtration performance. The result is constant, spring-fresh, crystal-clear swimming pool water.