Ospa-Filter 16 EcoClean Super

Производительность - 16 м3/час

  • Maximum filtration capacity: 16 m³/h
  • No chlorine or swimming pool odor: the additional active carbon layer even filters out odor and taste particles
  • High quality filter vessels and materials for long service life
  • Speed-controlled Ospa red brass pump (1.0 – 2.2 kW) with stainless steel pump strainer pot (also available as a whisper pump)
  • Suitable for salt water pools

Filtration by active carbon filter layer

The additional active carbon of the Ospa Superfilter binds dirt and odor-forming chlorine compounds long before they are noticeable. Dissolved organic substances are reliably neutralized. The enormous filtration power becomes clear when you realize that one tablespoon of porous active carbon has a total surface area equal to the size of a soccer field. The optimized back-flushing technology always guarantees full filtration capacity. The result is constant, spring-fresh, crystal-clear swimming pool water without an unpleasant chlorine odor.